Why Propane?

Help customers understand propane’s many uses and benefits

Propane offers a range of unique benefits and advantages over other fuel options. Highly efficient and cost-effective, this versatile fuel beats electricity on savings, heating performance and cooking performance. It’s very easy to install or convert to as well. It won’t take long for your customers to see why propane is an ideal choice for their North Carolina homes and businesses.

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4 Benefits of Propane

Propane is…

  1. Energy efficient. The average efficiency of propane exceeds 90%, and customers won’t believe the difference between how quickly propane water heaters heat up water in comparison to electric.
  2. Cost-effective. When customers use such a highly efficient fuel to heat their home, they’ll see the difference in your energy bills. And wait until thye see the difference with propane-powered appliances, including cooktops, clothes dryers, backyard and other outdoor appliances and more
  3. Safe. One of the safest fuel options for a home, propane offers a reliable way to keep the household running smoothly and safely even in the event of a power outage.
  4. A great option for off-the-grid living. For regions where utility service is hard to access, propane is a trustworthy fuel choice. Homeowners who have a tank right on their property don’t have to think twice if their community’s supply is put into question because of a storm or for any other reason.

Propane’s Many Uses

Sure, propane is a great option for a backyard BBQ, but its uses go far beyond hamburgers and hot dogs at summer cookouts. Ideal for fueling indoor as well as outdoor appliances, propane offers professional-chef-level temperature control in the kitchen, clothes with fewer wrinkles out of the dryer and an extended summer when it’s used to heat a pool or to power outdoor heaters.

When customers invest in supplemental propane appliances, they’re adding value to their homes for the years to come. And in the process, they’ll also spend less time inside running the AC and more time outside.

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