Propane vs.Electricity

Find out how propane compares to electricity


In comparing costs between propane and electricity, many people are surprised to learn that propane is a more cost-effective fuel, especially when for home heating on chilly winter nights. When the temperatures dip in December and January, customers want their families to be warm and comfortable without breaking the bank.

For whole-house heating as well as space heating, propane will get the job done more efficiently—and as a result for less money—than electricity. Here’s a look at a few specific examples.

  • Cooking. It costs less to cook with a propane range or oven, and it can be done with temperature control and precision no one ever thought possible. (That’s why it’s a popular choice among professional chefs!)
  • Drying clothes. For customers with a propane-powered clothes dryer, doing the laundry is about to get easier, as they’ll spend 25% less time waiting for a propane-powered dryer. As an added bonus, their clothes will have fewer wrinkles!
  • Water heaters. Running a propane-powered water heater will cost about 30% less than its electric counterpart. Even with the cost difference, propane water heaters produce double the hot water as electric water heaters in the same amount of time. For families, this means less—or no—waiting time between showers. Instead, they just have virtually endless hot water on demand!

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