Lower Cost / Higher Efficiency

Building homes with propane makes all the difference

In comparison to other fuels, propane proves time and time again that it costs less while offering higher efficiency. And now there’s a new type of home many builders across the country are incorporating into their portfolios, using propane: zero net energy (ZNE) homes.

That’s right: “Zero net energy” does not have to mean all electric. One architect, Mary Ann Schicketanz, often incorporates propane into the energy neutral homes she designs. This is ideal for homes in remote, off-the-grid locations. Her use of propane systems for water heating and space heating offers homeowners savings on their utility bills while the home itself ultimately produces only as much energy as it uses.

Zero Net Energy at a Glance

As ZNE becomes more widely understood and used in new construction projects, understanding the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is increasing in importance. Used to measure efficiency, a low HERS score is better than a high score—with zero being the ultimate goal.

energy efficiency

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