Hassle-Free Switch

Converting a home to propane is easier than you may expect!

propane technician

For customers, the idea of switching companies or converting a North Carolina home to propane is overwhelming, and they worry about convenience and logistics. You, however, can show them how easy the process can be with your knowledge, expertise and experience.

You’ll save with rebates on water heaters, hybrid heating systems, gas packs, high-efficiency furnaces and more, and in turn, your customers will save as well.

As an experienced contractor, you’re uniquely qualified to help customers understand the ins and outs of converting. Once they are clear on what they need from propane in their home and which propane appliances would work best, you can help them secure their own specials and rebates. Some companies offer perks including the following:

  • Quick turnaround for setup and switch-out
  • Free or low-cost tank leasing for the first year
  • Introductory, discounted rate on propane

You can save hundreds on propane equipment rebates, and make sure your customers know they may be eligible for rebates as well!